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If you struggle to make good food choices or want to boost your health through dietary changes, Evan Allen, MD, can help. At Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center, serving the Greater Las Vegas area at his office in Henderson, Nevada, Dr. Allen specializes in customized nutritional counseling services to maximize your health and reduce your risk for long-term health complications. He also offers concierge-style services to ensure you’re giving your body what it needs to function optimally. Call the office to schedule an appointment or request a visit using the online booking feature now.

Nutritional Counseling Q & A

What is nutritional counseling?

Nutritional counseling focuses on supplying your body with the right nutrients to promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness. 

Dr. Allen specializes in creating custom nutritional plans to improve health and is passionate about learning how certain foods influence the body. Based on his expertise, Dr. Allen works closely with you to reach your health goals through a proper diet.

Why should I consider nutritional counseling?

While everyone can benefit from learning more about how their diet affects their health, you should consider nutritional counseling as a preventive measure if you’re at high risk for chronic diseases, like heart disease or high blood pressure, due to your current lifestyle or your family history. 

Nutritional counseling is also ideal if you have an existing illness, such as high cholesterol or heart disease. Learning the right foods to incorporate into your diet can slow down the progression of chronic illness and, in some cases, even resolve your symptoms. 

If you’re overweight or obese and find it difficult to lose weight, Dr. Allen can provide nutritional counseling to ensure you’re eating properly to lose weight in an effective and safe way.

What can I expect during my initial nutritional counseling session?

To better understand your individual needs, Dr. Allen reviews your personal and family medical history and discusses your current lifestyle and dietary habits. 

Using this information, Dr. Allen creates a personalized nutritional guideline that takes into consideration the many factors influencing your overall health and weight. He can suggest which foods to incorporate into your diet and which foods to avoid to help you achieve your goals. 

Dr. Allen also offers concierge medicine membership plans that include comprehensive meal-planning assistance, including classes on healthy cooking, disease prevention guidance, and a personalized health analysis that addresses your specific needs.

As you progress in making dietary and lifestyle changes, Dr. Allen monitors your overall wellness and the effects that improved nutrition has on your health. He provides continual support as you head toward your goals and adopt healthier dietary choices into your life. 

Learn more about the many benefits nutritional counseling can have on your health by calling the office or by booking a consultation online today.