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If you’re looking for a personalized approach to improving your health and wellness, Evan Allen, MD, offers concierge medicine services tailored to your specific needs. At Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center, serving the Greater Las Vegas area at his office in Henderson, Nevada, Dr. Allen and his team help you find the right membership plan for your health and fitness goals. With personal support and guidance from Dr. Allen, concierge medicine may be the springboard you need to maximize your health. Find out more about available options in concierge medicine membership plans by calling the office or by requesting an appointment online.

Concierge Medicine Q & A

What is concierge medicine?

The wellness programs at Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center are based on cutting-edge concierge-style care. Dr. Allen and his team create an individualized program that focuses on proper nutrition and lifestyle modifications to help you achieve optimal health.

You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Allen to discuss your health and wellness goals with options to participate in one of three membership plans.

What’s included in concierge membership plans?

The concierge membership plans include a variety of services that vary based on the level you choose. Options for membership include:

Silver plan

Membership includes an annual one-hour physical and wellness consultation, as well as a wellness prescription plan tailored to specific health needs. Silver members also receive priority access to blood work, lab results, and direct phone or email access to Dr. Allen in the event of an emergency.

Gold plan

Gold members receive all the benefits of the silver plan plus coordination of specialist appointments, access to “Prevent and Reverse Disease” seminars, quarterly body composition analysis, personalized physical fitness consultation, nutrition guidance, and support.

The gold plan also offers instant-read A1C diabetes testing and cholesterol testing, as well as photoplethysmography (PPG) testing for early detection of vascular disease.

Platinum plan

Platinum members receive all services in the silver and gold plans plus personal monthly diet and health analysis, personalized monthly nutrition plans, private monthly two-hour cooking classes, unlimited use of medical body composition analyzer, and coordination of surgery testing and scheduling.

Dr. Allen also provides a concierge doctor’s visit to the hospital, and platinum members have direct access to him via cell phone or Skype.

Which concierge medicine plan is right for me?

To determine which plan is the best fit for your needs. Dr. Allen discusses your wellness goals and reviews your medical history. He can help you choose the best membership options for your overall digestive health and for maintaining a healthy weight.

Each plan focuses specifically on your health needs and goals, which Dr. Allen and his team create just for you. Membership plans are a highly effective way to make necessary lifelong changes in your diet and lifestyle to maximize your health and wellness.

Learn how concierge medicine and membership plans can work for you by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Allen online or by phone today.


Plan Includes:

  • Annual one-hour physical exam and wellness consult

  • Wellness prescription plan tailored to your specific health needs

  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary medications

  • No co-pays

  • Prescription and appointment facilitation

  • Priority consultations as needed

  • Priority access to blood draws

  • Prompt laboratory and radiology results

  • Private and secure personal e-mail portal to view medical results

  • Review and interpretation of specialist assessments

  • Direct phone or email access to doctor in case of emergency 

All of the Silver Plan and:

  • Coordination of specialist appointments

  • “Prevent and Reverse Disease” seminar series -- includes cooking demonstrations and tasting for you and a significant other (Valued at $3,960)

  • Quarterly Body Composition Analysis, using the state-of-the-art SECA medical body composition analyzer (Valued at $75)

  • Personalized physical fitness consultation with a physical therapist for one month (Valued at $500)

  • NutriBase Nutritional Analysis (Valued at $75)

  • Nutrition guidance and support

  • Finger-stick, instant-read diabetes (A1C) and cholesterol testing (Valued at $100 per test)

  • Baseline and quarterly PTG testing to monitor your progress (Valued at $100 per test)

All of the Silver and Gold Plan and:

  • Personal diet and health analysis each month, using NutriBase nutrition software

  • Personally tailored monthly nutrition plans by our nutrition specialist

  • Private two-hour cooking class every month with our Forks over Knives, Rouxbe Online Cooking School Certified chef

  • Unlimited use of our SECA medical body composition analyzer

  • Coordination of scheduled surgeries, pre-surgery testing and administrative assistance (insurance/paperwork); concierge doctor visit while hospitalized or day of discharge

  • ER coordination to facilitate positive ER experience

  • Direct access to doctor via SKYPE and cell phone