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No, You Shouldn't Skip Your Annual Wellness Exam

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You might think you have good reasons to avoid going to the doctor, whether due to costs, fears, or anxiety, but the fact is any conditions you may have won’t go away because you avoid a visit. Even if you are highly active, and eat a healthy diet, there are several medical problems you may be struggling with and not know about.

For many, these concerns lead to skipping their annual wellness exam, but doing so can lead to many other problems that may get worse without help. Let’s examine the reasons for this by looking at the basics of a wellness exam, what they can detect, and why annual visits are so important.

Do you live in the Henderson, Nevada area and are due for an annual wellness exam? Dr. Evan Allen and his experienced team at Allen Wellness and Medical Center can help.

The basics of a wellness exam

While it goes by many names, including physical exam, preventive care visit, or annual checkup, here are the essential things to expect from a wellness exam:

Physical examination

The physical examination section involves inspecting your body in the form of palpation (feeling areas with fingers and hands), auscultation (listening to your body), and percussion (tapping areas of the body). Your doctor may also check vital signs, look at your medical history, and learn your medication schedule if you have one.

Male and female exams

Certain preventative exams for men and women are different. At certain ages, women may get breast exams and pap smears, while men may need prostate exams.


Based on the results of the information gathered in the office, your doctor may order a range of tests and screenings like blood and urine tests, digital imaging, and other tests based on individual needs.

What they can detect

These annual visits can be crucial in detecting illnesses like diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can also be detected during these visits, and getting those treated as soon as possible can avoid complications of those illnesses. 

The results of screenings may also necessitate referrals to specialists for further tests when dealing with many conditions.

Why get them every year?

These exams are primarily a preventive measure, instrumental in catching conditions early to manage them before they become harder to treat. If you’ve been diagnosed with an illness these visits can help monitor the progress of treatment, and more trips to the doctor may be necessary in that case. 

The important thing to remember is even if you’re taking great care of yourself, you can’t know if you’re in the early stages of a problem that a healthy diet and exercise can’t prevent. And even many of those issues can be passed down as an inherited risk, making preventing them more difficult. 

So, whether you’re proud of or embarrassed by your health, you shouldn’t avoid the annual exam. Make an appointment with Dr. Allen and Allen Wellness and Medical Center today so we can help you stay healthy.