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​​5 Advantages of Switching to Concierge Medicine

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According to AARP®, most patients spend less than 20 minutes consulting their doctor. If your wait feels too long and the time spent with your doctor too short, consider switching to concierge medicine.

Dr. Evan Allen provides expert concierge medicine at the Allen Wellness Center in Henderson, Nevada. Reap the myriad rewards of working with a caring physician who takes time to get to know you and your healthcare needs.

Concierge medicine benefits

Discover five benefits a concierge medical doctor affords, including: 

1. Same- or next-day appointments

We provide care when you need it most. Dr. Allen understands most medical issues can’t wait, and neither should you.

2. Longer consultations

Dr. Allen goes above and beyond, exceeding expectations. He spends more time discussing your issues and performing necessary exams than most traditional doctors. He also gets to know you and your family’s medical history to provide more accurate diagnoses and treatments. 

3. Fewer patients

One of the major advantages of concierge medicine is the practitioner’s lighter patient load. This means more in-depth visits and less waiting, enabling Dr. Allen to focus more of his attention on your health. 

4. Stress-free convenience

You receive many of your treatments and tests, from blood work to physicals, at one convenient location. Since you pay a set fee directly to our office, without having to rely on health insurance, you won’t worry about deductibles or copays. Your only concern is getting the best care possible.

5. One location

Many standard tests and treatments can be performed at our location, including:

  • Blood work
  • X-rays
  • EKGs 

In addition, Dr. Allen performs lengthy annual wellness exams and attends to your injuries and illnesses when they occur. You can’t plan ahead for unexpected illnesses; however, you can arrange for the best healthcare should difficulties arise.

Questions to ask your concierge doctor

You may want to prepare a list of specific health concerns or questions prior to your first appointment, such as:

  1. How long do in-office visits typically last?
  2. What if I have an emergency or need hospitalization?
  3. At what hospitals does this doctor have admitting privileges?
  4. Can I receive secure emails or texts from my doctor?
  5. Do you offer 24/7 healthcare?
  6. What happens if I need a specialist or surgery?

We’re glad to answer all your questions to help you feel comfortable choosing concierge medicine.

Your health is in good hands

Dr. Allen provides his patients compassionate care through concierge medicine, taking time to discuss your specific lifestyle and healthcare goals. It’s impossible to put a price on good health. However, at the Allen Wellness Center, you can relax, knowing you’re getting the best care for a predetermined fee. 

If you have medical concerns or wish to learn more about our concierge medical plan or other services, contact us at Allen Wellness Center to schedule an appointment today.